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Reward for failure?

businessman-hands-euro-banknotes-money-bag-28941305The EU plans to contribute €6.3m to a support package for 611 Danish workers laid off by wind turbine giant Vestas because they were victims of Chinese competition.

The European Commission set up its little-known European Globalisation Adjustment Fund back in 2007 to help European workers who loses their jobs due to ‘changing global trade patterns’. (continue reading…)

The end of cheap China

usbcStill think China is a cheap place to do business? Think again. US businesses operating in China complain that getting — and keeping — talented employees is their biggest headache and this is reflected in soaring wage inflation. (continue reading…)

Small is beautiful and electric too

They may not have the glamor or the speed of Tesla, but China’s little-known low-speed electric vehicles easily outnumber the hyped US electric car.

Shandong Province has long been a home to various manufacturers of low-speed electric vehicles, such as the Shifeng Diandongche (pictured), which is made by the Shifeng Group . (continue reading…)

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Hi-tech brain drain or opportunity?

Should western workers fear China’s rise as a hi-tech nation? The question is topical as Alcatel-Lucent, the struggling French telecoms manufacturer, has  just announced 10,000 job cuts, the latest round of losses in an industry that has seen the rapid rise of Chinese competitors. (continue reading…)

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Dongfeng woos Peugeot again

DFMLogo.gifEurope’s car industry is still stuck in reverse gear and the European market is predicted to contract for its sixth consecutive year.  So why would China’s Dongfeng be interested in investing in loss-making French carmaker Peugeot? (continue reading…)

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Lenovo sustains CSR leadership

lenovoLenovo, the HK-based PC manufacturer, has once again been selected as a constituent stock of the 2013 Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index (HSCSI).  (continue reading…)

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Smartphone OEMs look to grow beyond China

coolpadChina is different, particularly when it comes to its smartphone market. Three smartphone brands — Coolpad, Lenovo and Xiaomi —which are unknown to western consumers all managed to beat Apple in China.

According to research firm ABI Research, Samsung retained its leading smartphone market share of 17% in Q2 2013, Lenovo took second with 13%, Coolpad was third with 10%, and Xiaomi edged out Apple with 6.5% share.

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Chinese solar cells achieve record

csun-logoChina Sunergy, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) cells, has developed a new generation of high-efficient mono-crystalline cells which have reached a record 20.26% conversion efficiency. (continue reading…)

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China rethinks growth model

export_vanEngagingChina has always hoped that China would one day realise that its policy of aggressively stimulating its  export-led economy would end in tears if pursued indefinitely. It looks like that day has arrived. (continue reading…)

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Western Digital drives into China

western-digital-logoWestern Digital, the US disk drive manufacturing giant,  clearly sees a bright future for China, both as a market and as a manufacturing base.

The firm’s board recently went to China to visit the firm’s operations in the PRC, but this trip went beyond the usual round of factory visits as WD seems to leveraged some pretty impressive guanxi(continue reading…)

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