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UK fears China syndrome

Tianwan 4 first concrete - 460 (CNNC)The UK government has restarted the country’s long-stalled nuclear power program and French electricity giant EDF will build a new plant. The controversial decision has attracted howls of outrage from some quarters, doubly so because Chinese investors are also being allowed to participate in this landmark project. (continue reading…)

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Reward for failure?

businessman-hands-euro-banknotes-money-bag-28941305The EU plans to contribute €6.3m to a support package for 611 Danish workers laid off by wind turbine giant Vestas because they were victims of Chinese competition.

The European Commission set up its little-known European Globalisation Adjustment Fund back in 2007 to help European workers who loses their jobs due to ‘changing global trade patterns’. (continue reading…)

What’s ‘Welcome to Britain’ in Chinese?

uk_flagjpgWhen the UK lowered the flag on its former colony of Hong Kong in 1997, China was still playing catch-up with other Asian economies. Today, China is second only to the US in economic might and the UK, along with every other country in the world, is keen to build closer ties. (continue reading…)

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Chinese construct more deals in UK

manchesterBeijing Construction Engineering Group  is coming to the UK. Manchester, to be precise, to help build  an £800m urban regeneration project near Manchester’s airport. It is the latest example of China’s growing  interest in the UK’s infrastructure and utilities sectors. (continue reading…)

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China gets tough on customer data

data_protection-280x300China’s consumer boom has also created a boom in trafficking in personal data. US business information firm Dun & Bradstreet reportedly was fined RMB1m and had four of its Chinese employees jailed earlier this year for buying the personal data of Chinese citizens. (continue reading…)

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The end of cheap China

usbcStill think China is a cheap place to do business? Think again. US businesses operating in China complain that getting — and keeping — talented employees is their biggest headache and this is reflected in soaring wage inflation. (continue reading…)

Hi-tech brain drain or opportunity?

Should western workers fear China’s rise as a hi-tech nation? The question is topical as Alcatel-Lucent, the struggling French telecoms manufacturer, has  just announced 10,000 job cuts, the latest round of losses in an industry that has seen the rapid rise of Chinese competitors. (continue reading…)

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Testing times for Chinese consumers

china-pollutionEnvironmental concerns are growing in China but people also concerned about the less-visible consequences of the country’s breakneck growth in recent years, such as growing inequalty and food safety.

According to a  recent report by Pew Research, the Chinese are increasingly concerned about the quality of the country’s air and water. (continue reading…)

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Dongfeng woos Peugeot again

DFMLogo.gifEurope’s car industry is still stuck in reverse gear and the European market is predicted to contract for its sixth consecutive year.  So why would China’s Dongfeng be interested in investing in loss-making French carmaker Peugeot? (continue reading…)

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SAP pulls the CSR lever in China

sap indexSAP, Europe’s largest business software company, is looking to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to accompany its expansion in China.

The move, if copied by other foreign businesses, could represents a new third leg in the west’s engagement with China. (continue reading…)

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