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Nanosized solution to China’s water challenge

logoCould desalination help solve China’s chronic water shortages? Nano H2O, a VC-backed US company  thinks so and its building a factory in China to help prove its point. (continue reading…)

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Will Sky City’s sustainable claims stand up?

changsa-skycity-oneDoes China need another signature skyscraper? Changsha’s Sky City, currently still at the project stage,  caught my attention, not so much for its ambition to become the world’s tallest skyscraper (yawn) but for its desire to promote a more sustainable way of urban living in China. (continue reading…)

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UK fears China syndrome

Tianwan 4 first concrete - 460 (CNNC)The UK government has restarted the country’s long-stalled nuclear power program and French electricity giant EDF will build a new plant. The controversial decision has attracted howls of outrage from some quarters, doubly so because Chinese investors are also being allowed to participate in this landmark project. (continue reading…)

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Reward for failure?

businessman-hands-euro-banknotes-money-bag-28941305The EU plans to contribute €6.3m to a support package for 611 Danish workers laid off by wind turbine giant Vestas because they were victims of Chinese competition.

The European Commission set up its little-known European Globalisation Adjustment Fund back in 2007 to help European workers who loses their jobs due to ‘changing global trade patterns’. (continue reading…)

PE industry places bets

chinese-shanghai-yuan-505x300What are the hottest sectors in China for attracting private equity investors?

Ravenous energy demands and chronic environmental problems have, not surprisingly,  put alternative energy, energy saving and environmental protection firmly on the radar screen as favorite areas for PE  investment. (continue reading…)

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Small is beautiful and electric too

They may not have the glamor or the speed of Tesla, but China’s little-known low-speed electric vehicles easily outnumber the hyped US electric car.

Shandong Province has long been a home to various manufacturers of low-speed electric vehicles, such as the Shifeng Diandongche (pictured), which is made by the Shifeng Group . (continue reading…)

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How to play China’s pollution fears

china-pollution3Where some see problems, others opportunities. The record level of smog  that cloaked Beijing earlier this year sparked a turnaround in the mindset of Chinese consumers, that fund managers should not ignore. (continue reading…)

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Testing times for Chinese consumers

china-pollutionEnvironmental concerns are growing in China but people also concerned about the less-visible consequences of the country’s breakneck growth in recent years, such as growing inequalty and food safety.

According to a  recent report by Pew Research, the Chinese are increasingly concerned about the quality of the country’s air and water. (continue reading…)

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Lenovo sustains CSR leadership

lenovoLenovo, the HK-based PC manufacturer, has once again been selected as a constituent stock of the 2013 Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index (HSCSI).  (continue reading…)

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China to build smog monitoring network

pollutionbeijingChina’s largest cities suffer from dangerously high levels of chronic pollution as any long-suffering resident will testify. But what is the government doing about it?

According to official agency Xinhua, the latest initiative will see China build a nationwide network monitor the impact of air pollution on health. (continue reading…)

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