That’s rich

china wealthOnce again, China sets a new record. This times its for billionaires as there are an astonishing 168 billionaires in China in 2012, up from 146 a year earlier, according to Forbes magazine’s annual China Rich List, which ranks the 400 richest people in China (continue reading…)

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A sleeping giant awakes

chinascientistChina spent an amazing $163bn on R&D last year. Even more amazing, thats  an 18% increase on the previous year.

The sheer size of the resources that China now devotes to R&D means that businesses in the west cannot afford to ignore rise of  China’s science-based industries. (continue reading…)

What’s ‘Welcome to Britain’ in Chinese?

uk_flagjpgWhen the UK lowered the flag on its former colony of Hong Kong in 1997, China was still playing catch-up with other Asian economies. Today, China is second only to the US in economic might and the UK, along with every other country in the world, is keen to build closer ties. (continue reading…)

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The end of cheap China

usbcStill think China is a cheap place to do business? Think again. US businesses operating in China complain that getting — and keeping — talented employees is their biggest headache and this is reflected in soaring wage inflation. (continue reading…)

Testing times for Chinese consumers

china-pollutionEnvironmental concerns are growing in China but people also concerned about the less-visible consequences of the country’s breakneck growth in recent years, such as growing inequalty and food safety.

According to a  recent report by Pew Research, the Chinese are increasingly concerned about the quality of the country’s air and water. (continue reading…)

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What’s China doing to fight climate change?

yutian10aChina has long been aware of the high environment cost of its  recent industrialisation. Whether it has done enough to mitigate the damage is another question. (continue reading…)

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Shanghai FTZ opens for business but which ones?

shanghai_ftzShanghai’s new Free Trade Zone  has attracted a lot of media attention as many see it as laboratory for reforms that could one day be implemented nationwide.

Some 25 companies have so far been given the green light to start operations including 11 financial institutions, most of which are domestic banks. (continue reading…)

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China embraces high-speed train

high speed trainFive years after China’s high-speed rail system opened, it is carrying nearly twice as many passengers each month as the country’s domestic airline industry.

And far from being a white elephant, the high-speed train is helping transform China into a modern, more productive economy. (continue reading…)

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China rethinks growth model

export_vanEngagingChina has always hoped that China would one day realise that its policy of aggressively stimulating its  export-led economy would end in tears if pursued indefinitely. It looks like that day has arrived. (continue reading…)

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China is too different for Bolton

AnthonyBolton80x80.jpgAnthony Bolton, manager of the Fidelity China Special Situations investment trust, has thrown in the towel and tacitly admitted his Midas touch does not work in China.

Bolton will be replaced as manager by Dale Nicholls, manager of the Fidelity Funds Pacific Fund. Bolton will retire in 2013.

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