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Wal-Mart reconsiders China strategy

wal-martAnother western retailer has realized it’s time to take the foot off the gas pedal in China.

Wal-Mart, the world’s biggest retailer, is to  close about 25 stores in China as it moves to centralize its network of stores around cities where it already has a presence before moving into new regions. (continue reading…)

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PE industry places bets

chinese-shanghai-yuan-505x300What are the hottest sectors in China for attracting private equity investors?

Ravenous energy demands and chronic environmental problems have, not surprisingly,  put alternative energy, energy saving and environmental protection firmly on the radar screen as favorite areas for PE  investment. (continue reading…)

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Chinese coffee market perks up

daxue_coffee_starbucks-1024x768Could China, traditionally a tea drinking nation, one day become the largest market for Starbucks coffee?

Its a question that western businesses operating in any area of China’s consumer market ask themselves of course. But it has a particular interest for coffee companies simply because the drink is so alien to most Chinese. (continue reading…)

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China gets tough on customer data

data_protection-280x300China’s consumer boom has also created a boom in trafficking in personal data. US business information firm Dun & Bradstreet reportedly was fined RMB1m and had four of its Chinese employees jailed earlier this year for buying the personal data of Chinese citizens. (continue reading…)

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Hershey finds sweet spot in China

Could this be a precedent? The Hershey Company, famous to US readers for its eponymous candy bars, is bringing to the US a line of confectionery that was originally launched in China. (continue reading…)

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How to play China’s pollution fears

china-pollution3Where some see problems, others opportunities. The record level of smog  that cloaked Beijing earlier this year sparked a turnaround in the mindset of Chinese consumers, that fund managers should not ignore. (continue reading…)

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Testing times for Chinese consumers

china-pollutionEnvironmental concerns are growing in China but people also concerned about the less-visible consequences of the country’s breakneck growth in recent years, such as growing inequalty and food safety.

According to a  recent report by Pew Research, the Chinese are increasingly concerned about the quality of the country’s air and water. (continue reading…)

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Macy’s rethinks e-commerce in China retailing giant Macy’s has shelved plans to start selling online in China, the latest casualty in a supposedly booming e-commerce market that is proving elusive for some western retailers.

The US firm had planned to begin online sales  in China in the spring, after buying a minority stake  in Chinese retail company VIPStore last year. (continue reading…)

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Tesco tries JV route again

After struggling to go it alone in China and with profits down in Europe, Tesco, the UK’s leading food retailer, has fallen back on the tried-and-tested method for western businesses operating in China: a joint venture. (continue reading…)

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Dalian Wanda eyes mega projects overseas

clapperboard1_800wLights! Sound! Action! What better way to tap into China’s fun-loving urban consumers than a movie theme park?

So thinks Wang Jianlin, founder of Dalian Wanda real estate group, who has announced he will invest to $8bn in a film park the size of 700 football pitches in the east coast city of Qingdao. (continue reading…)

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