Welcome Back!

Yes, EngagingChina is back after a prolonged siesta and  a change of blogging platform.

We’re now running on WordPress, a future-proof  CMS — unlike our previous platform, Blogware.

Hopefully, the changeover has gone smoothly so those many readers who find EngagingChina through Google searches should still get taken to the correct page. If not, please let us know.

Unfortunately, comments on  EngagingChina articles made prior to 2012 now appear as “anonymous” due to the limitations of the transfer process. Apologies to those concerned.

New comments are not affected so please feel free to comment on any EngagingChina article and see your name in lights!

A brief history of EngagingChina

I created EngagingChina back in June 2006 as a vehicle to help western businesses understand the economic powerhouse that is modern China.

A lot has changed since then and China today is no longer seen as an emerging economy  but as a dominant force  on  many economic, industrial and political fronts.

But China now faces growing pains of its own making. So EngagingChina hopes to document how China is learning to balance its previous single-minded obsession with growth at any cost against broader concerns such as sustainability, intellectual property, political stability and social responsibility.

The main focus of the site will continue to be on uncovering investment themes and market opportunities for western businesses in China’s new economy – enterprise software, renewable energy, luxury goods and a long etcetera.

Want to get in touch? You can email me at this address:

editor AT engagingchina DOT com

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