isdecisionsFrench security software house IS Decisions is opening shop in China, another sign of how China’s business IT market is now also in the sights of the West’s smaller  vendors.

Based in Biarritz, France, IS Decisions has built a strong global presence with over 90% of turnover now generated from international markets. Security breaches and compliance are “global” issues, according to the company, so they are as relevant to a business operating in Beijing as they are to one based in Bahrain or Boston.

Francois Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions, said:

Our facility in China is the logical continuation of our international expansion. The size and growth of the Chinese market for IT security software is impressive. According to the analyst firm IDC, it is already worth $445bn and growing at 11-13% each year.”

IS Decisions has been preparing for its official launch by attracting new partners in Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing. Among its new partners, IS Decisions has signed with GBICC, Evget, Qast Software and Bizsafe, all major distributors of software across China.

The company has also announced the opening of an office in Shanghai to provide local support and proximity to its new partners and to be able to offer the high level of service that customers expect in China. Amigorena said:

There are a lot of cultural sensitivities to consider when launching solutions for the region. Those looking to act in this diverse and well-connected market need to understand cultural nuances, and really think relationship-first when it comes to strategy.”

Prior to launching in China, the company spent a year researching the market and translating both its software and technical documentation into Mandarin. It also has produce a Mandarin version of its website.