wandisco WANdisco, the UK-listed software house specialised in big data & development tools, has signed an OEM agreement with Miaozhen Systems, which claims to be China’s leading third-party online advertising company.

Miaozhen Systems process over 2TB data a day and it is looking to use WANdisco’s technology as part of its core Hadoop infrastructure offering to give continous data availability to its customers, which include Western giants such as P&G, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen and KFC.

David Richards, chairman and CEO of WANdisco, said:

For companies like Miaozhen, downtime is extremely risky and very expensive. Our unique technology is perfectly suited to support their continuous data availability needs.”

WANdisco is an interesting firm. It has dual headquarters in Silicon Valley and Sheffield, England – the latter is best known as a former steel-making city than a hotbed of hi-tech industry – and, unusually, grew without any external finance to become a leading provider of global collaboration software to the software development industry.

It has recently branched out into the white-hot area of big data with tools such as Hadoop, an open source framework for developing distributed big data applications and a challenger to traditional database technologies. WANdisco floated on the London Stock Exchange’s junior AIM market last year and trades on a hefty multiple to its sales, which were just just $6m in its last financial year, when it reported an operating loss of $8.5m.

Despites its relatively small size, WANdisco clearly has bid ambitions. It set up a China office in January of this year, establishing a WFOE in Chengdu, Shefield’s twin city. It signed Huawei, the telecoms manufacturing giant, as its first Chinese customer last year and so this latest deal with Miaozhen should help expand its foothold in China.

Despite the challenges and costs of setting up in China – particularly if you are still at the loss-making stage like WANdisco – the Chinese business sofware market has obvious attractions for innovative western software houses.

As well as the huge potental of the market, IT-using businesses in China are less likely to encumbered with legacy technologies and more likely to adopt new technologies such as Hadoop faster than in the West.

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