fdipie.gifForeign direct investment dropped once more in June to $9bn, almost a 7% drop from the year-earlier figure. That's the ninth consecutive month in which FDI into China has registered a year-on-year fall.

But those looking for green shoots can take some comfort from the slowing rate of decline, as the year-on-year decline in the previous month of May was almost 18%.

The number of new approved foreign companies in June totaled 2,529, down 3.8%.

The global financial crisis has, understandably, made many western firms postpone investment in China and it may be some time before FDI returns to the buoyant conditions of recent past.

Foreign direct investment during 2008 totalled $92bn, a 24% hike on the previous year, although growth began to weaken toward the end of the year and that has continued during the first half of 2009, when FDI was down 18% year-on-year to $43bn.

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