shanghai-World-Financial-Center%2BJinMao_Night.jpgOtis is helping keep the world's most populous nation on the move — vertically. The US company has developed a “super double-decker” elevator — lift to the Brits — that serve two floors simultaneously using the same hoist-way.

The design allows more passengers to be served than in a traditional single-deck elevator and 16 of these new elevators have been installed in the 101-storey Shanghai World Financial Centre (pictured) which was topped out last year and is China's tallest building.

Shanghai has more than 5,000 high-rise buildings and with thousands more on the drawing board, Otis can boast of being in one of the few markets in China that is truly recession-proof — and where western technology still has an edge.

The super double-deck elevators in SWFC are the first such elevators installed in China. A “super” double-deck elevator includes a scissor-like connector between the two cars, allowing the height of the top car to be adjusted. The adjustment takes place as the elevator moves and is not noticed by passengers.

This feature gives developers flexibility in designing buildings with floors of different heights.

Double-deck and super double-deck elevators save space in a building, allowing room that would otherwise be needed for elevator use to be used as rentable space. Depending on the building and its needs, double-deck elevators can save up to 40% of the space required by traditional elevators while increasing transportation capacity by up to 30%.

Otis has also designed and installed a special elevator that is being used to transport vehicles weighing up to 3 tons to the 94th floor exhibition hall in the SWFC. Only the Chinese would think to put an exhibition hall on the 94th floor…

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