vii.jpgOne of the coolest features of today's smartphones is the motion sensor technology that automatically reorientates the screen and makes possible some innovative games.

Until now this technology has been limited to high-end devices but Cogo Group, a Chinese electronics supplier, believes the technology will soon trickle down to the mass market in China.

Currently, only a handful of key global vendors are shipping high-end handsets with the motion sensor solution, the most famous being Apple's iPhone.

As well as ensuring the screen knows which way is up when the user rotates the screen, the motion sensors can turn a mobile phone into a high-end gaming console with similar energetic game-play possibilities to those of the Nintendo Wii, which pioneered the use of motion sensors.

The technology also makes it possible to navigate menus and scrolling lists without using touchscreen technology or buttons.

In much the same way that cameras, once reserved for high-end phones, are now standard on all but the cheapest phone, Cogo argues that the motion sensor technology, called an accelerometer, will rapidly become a “must-have” handset feature.

Nasdaq-listed Cogo estimates more than 200m mobile phones shipped in China will be equipped with the technology in 2010. The company, which previously went under the name of Comtech, hopes to achieve a 20% share of this market for accelerometer-equipped devices.

Incidentally, Chinese ingenuity has already produced a copycat version of the Wii, called, imaginatively, the Vii (pictured).

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