Sichuan_earthquake_map.pngEarthquakes, snowstorms, floods… all that is missing is a plague of frogs. China seems to suffer more than its fair share of natural disasters but businesses also need to prepare for big man-made events that can disrupt supply chains and potentially wreak havoc on those that are ill prepared.

Fortunately, many businesses have learnt their lessons. According to a report by KPMG China, the awareness of business continuity is rising in China and the majority of respondents to a recent survey said they had a dedicated business continuity programme or system in place.

The adoption of modern business continuity approaches has been particularly dramatic in the last two years, driven by concerns in light of major events such as the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the Beijing Olympics.

But almost a quarter said their BC programmes have never been tested and a significant minority felt that their employees did not have adequate training.

More on the KPMG China website here.

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