sybase.gifSybase, the US software house, has had one of its products awarded a security certification by the Chinese government. The news will allow Sybase to sell the product, called E-Secure Anywhere, to Chinese government agencies and public sector organisations.

The announcement is significant because it shows just how rapidly the enterprise software market is developing in China. Five years, ago no US software company would have though it worthwhile to go through the hoops to get a product certified for the Chinese market, least of all a government security certification.

But China is now an important market for Sybase and John Chen, its Chinese-American CEO, has long been actively involved in breaking down the trade and cultural barriers between the two countries.

Horace Chow, Sybase vice president of Asia Pacific and general manager of Greater China,said:

This is a very important milestone for Sybase as it presents a great opportunity to enhance our leadership in the database business in China. With this certified solution we are now able to meet the critical security needs of government and public sector organisations that make up one of Sybase's most important vertical markets.”

Sybase's E-Secure Anywhere product, co-developed with China's East Port Technology, is based on its flagship Sybase Anywhere database and fully complies with China's national encryption standards.

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