xilinx chip.jpgXilinx, the US chip maker, has unveiled a joint venture with the Beijing University of Technology and opened a research facility to give university students hands-on experience of its products, which are primarily used for designing embedded systems.

Unlike the processors that go in computers, the semiconductors for embedded devices are optimised to perform a limited set of functions and once programmed they are not designed to be reprogrammed in the field. Automobiles, set-top boxes and machine tools are all examples of embedded applications.

The new 2,000 sq metre facility will include three laboratories dedicated to embedded system design and fully equipped with hardware, software, floating point gate array silicon, intellectual property and tools provided through Xilinx donations and government grants.

The unveiling of the facility coincides with a conference dedicated to embedded systems that is being held at the university.

The move by Xilinx is interesting as it is focused on training the next generation of Chinese chip designers and exposing them to Xilinx tools and products.

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