Face-to-face contact counts for everything in Chinese business, we are told. But does that still hold if your partner's face is only visible via a giant giant plasma screen? AT&T believes so and is bringing its telepresence solution to China to allow companies to connect to their customers, suppliers and partners worldwide using videoconferencing.

campaign_telepresence_630x186.jpgVideoconferencing is hardly new, of course. But the high-definition “fully-immersive” solutions offered by the likes of Cisco are light years ahead of the primitive videoconferencing systems of a decade ago.

The AT&T telepresence offering is based on Cisco's TelePresence technology and comes in single or three-screen versions. AT&T's role is to install, monitor and manage the system, as well as provide remote help desk service and on-site maintenance.

The availability of the AT&T telepresence solution in China is part of AT&T's recently announced US$1bn planned global network and portfolio investment for 2009 and extends the availability of the service to 25 countries globally.

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