stm.gifThe chip industry is going through a tough patch at the moment, but its good to see European chipmaker STMicroelectronics looking to the bright future and promoting the key role that its products can play in reducing power consumption in China.

The chipmaker was banging the green drum at the IIC-China trade conference in Shenzhen last month. More than 30 product demos showed how STMicroelectronics' advanced power management chips can help businesses in China reduce their environmental footprint.

STMicroelectronics is the world's leading supplier of power conversion semiconductors and its “Green Power” demo line-up at IIC-China includes applications for industrial, consumer and computer markets.

For example, using a cheap STMicroelectornics microcontroller, the compressor in home air-conditioning systems can be controlled in a much more “intelligent” fashion, so delivering a 30-40% decrease in energy consumption.

One particular solution has been developed specifically for the Chinese market by the STMicroelectonics Greater China Competence Centre. It is Solar LED street light solution, composed of two modules, an 85W solar charger and a 25W LED driver.

EngagingChina has long argued that it is hypocritical for critics in the west to bemoan China's new-found desire for air conditioners, LCD TVs, automobiles and all the other energy-hungry symbols of western consumerism. Like it or not, Chinese consumers want the same products that western counterparts have enjoyed for decades. So one small step toward a greener China is to help them more energy-efficient air conditioners.

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