omnicom.jpgOmnicom Group, the world's leading advertising and marketing services group, sees a bright future for digital marketing in China. So much so that it has launched an executive training programme for digital marketeers with Fudan University in Shanghai.

The programme is named digital:works — lower-case is so 1999, guys — and is geared to help agencies and brand marketers train their staff in digital marketing skills. The course is designed, managed and run by Omnicom agencies and Fudan University's School of Journalism.

Classes will be taught by senior digital professionals with practical in-depth experience from Omnicom agencies as well as professors and scholars from Fudan University and other leading Chinese universities, and top-level executives from marketers. Participants will receive a certificate from the university upon successful completing the programme.

New media is becoming a key communication tool to reach consumers in China, particularly the all-important youth market. EngagingChina believes that China, after playing catch up for so long in this area, is poised to become an important testbed for new digital marketing tools and strategies even before they are tried in the west.

Omnicom has been in China for over 20 years but was slow to wake up to its biggest handicap — its name, which is difficult for Chinese to pronounce. That's when owning a brand consultancy comes in handy and so Interbrand worked with Tsinghua University in a competition go choose a suitable Chinese name. . More than 110 students entered the competition and the winner was…. “Hong Meng,”

Directly translated into English, it means “Magnificent Alliance. Now if they could only have another competition to find a better name than Omnicom, which EngagingChina always gets confused with Omron, a Japanese maker of electrical components.

More info on the programme at the digital:works website.

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