Chrysler.jpgA sign of the times. The new boss of Chrysler's Asia operations comes from SAIC, China's largest car maker. Philip Murtaugh was recently named as CEO for Chrysler's all-important Asian business which includes the high-growth mass markets of Indian and China.

Newly divorced from Germany's Daimler Group, Chrysler is looking to international markets to stimulate growth and clearly Murtaugh's China experience is seen as key to helping transform the crisis-torn US car maker particularly when it comes to engaging with emerging markets.

Before joining SAIC, Murtaugh served as chairman and CEO of the General Motors China Group for five years. Based in Shanghai, he was responsible for the overall coordination of GM's extensive operations in mainland China and Taiwan. He also was a member of GM's Asia Pacific strategy board.

Murtaugh was part of the negotiating team and played a key role in the launch of Shanghai General Motors, GM's JV with SAIC and its largest venture in China.

More in this press release.

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