vitamins.jpgHere's one western company that won't be engaging with China. Food for Health International, a US health food company, will label its products “China-Free” to ease concerns about contamination.

The Utah-based company makes whole food nutritional supplements for people and pets, and it says its products are made from organically grown foods processed and packaged in the US without chemical additives.

To reinforce their Made in USA origins, Food for Health plans to put “China-Free” sticker on products such as its “9 a Day-Plus” capsules, “Active Adults” whole food shakes and “Healthy Dog” supplements. The company also will use “China-Free” in advertisements and promotions.

If Food for Health ever had plans to export to China, it can wave them goodbye. Although many Chinese consumers have a preference for western goods — which the current safety scares have heightened —  I suspect Chinese officials will take a pretty dim view of a foreign company openly trumpeting the supposed superiority of western products.

Westerners who want to try living without Made in China goods should read this Reuters story about a Canadian family that did just that — for one year.

More on the safety scares in this EngagingChina story.

Elsewhere on the food scare front:

  • China and the European Union (EU) have reached an agreement to protect the geographical indication (GI) status of certain farm products sold in each other's market in a bid to safeguard product quality. As well as such well-known European delicacies like Prosciutto di Parma ham and Roquefort cheese, the accord covers Chinese GI equivalents like Guanxi honey and Shaanxi applies. Nearly 700 Chinese products are already protected on the domestic market.

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