wig aircraft.jpgWho says Chinese technology is derivative? You ain't seen anything like this Made in China aircraft which is designed to fly long distances at just a few feet above the sea.

The aircraft, still at the experimental stage, takes advantage of the so-called “wing in ground” effect that reduces the drag on the aircraft when flying at a height of approximately twice its wingspan.

The WIG effect cuts back fuel consumption by at least a third. Of course, the downside is that any passengers must have supreme confidence in the pilot's skills at flying at such low heights.

“The Civil Aviation Administration of China has yet to confirm aviation regulations at such low altitudes, which may become a problem,” Xinhua said.

Perhaps for that reason, The WIG aircraft will most likely be used for military and border control applications.

The WIG has been listed as one of three types of aircraft given the green light for further development by a government commission set up to promote defence technologies.

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