billboardconvey.jpgIn a typically shrewd move, Xinhua Finance Media, the NYSE-listed media Chinese company,  has acquired a 100% interest in Convey Advertising Company, a major outdoor advertising operator in Hong Kong and across southern China.

The acquisition expands XFMedia's outdoor advertising network to seven additional cities and includes significant high traffic and key transit routes linking mainland China with Hong Kong and Macau.

Founded in 1986 in HK, , Convey has advertising rights to over 3,000 outdoor media assets, 2,000 of which are exclusive. These outdoor media assets include traditional outdoor billboards, LED and LCD boards and others in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Foshan in Guangdong province, HK and Macau in the south and Tianjin in the north.

The company's main strengths are in the wealthy southern China cities, particularly along the border-port gateways through which more than 22m mainland Chinese pass each year on their way to the prime shopping and gambling destinations of HK and Macau.

XFMedia's advertising group creates and places advertising with integrated campaigns that reach television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and outdoor media in China. In April, the group expanded its outdoor media assets in the Beijing area, with an exclusive agreement to sell advertising onto 2,000 new public service billboards in strategic locations throughout the city

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