suzhoupark.jpgWant to know where to go for your chips? EngagingChina has long despaired of ever being able to differentiate between the myriad hi-tech parks that compete for investors attention in China.

So thanks to CCID Consulting for producing a league
  that ranks them by factors such as policy measures,
industrial environment, environmental issues and innovation. 

These three zones are seen to be most attractive from a policy perspective and they also have the best industrial environment, meaning a strong clustering of downstream enterprises, good transportation and logistics.

Chengdu IC Industry Park and Suzhou offer cost advantages in terms of resources like water, electricity and land, while Hengzhou comes top in the innovation stakes.

The report notes that China's fast-growing IC industry is not well distributed, despite government efforts to spread investment to less popular locations. Indeed, the regional gaps have widened.

IC enterprises in China are concentrated in the Beijing-Tianjin- Bohai region, the Yangtze River Delta region and Pearl River Delta region. Over 95% of China's IC sales revenue also comes from these three regions. In central and western China, development is limited to a handful of cities like Xi'an, Chengdu, Changsha and Wuhan.

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