sap hq.jpgYou thought China's tax inspectors still used abacuses to work out how much tax people should pay? Think again. They use modern IT systems that would make many of their counterparts in the west green with envy.

In particular, the tax collectors of Beijing Xicheng District National Tax Bureau are using the NetWeaver business intelligence offering of German giant SAP to integrate information from different IT systems.

This particular tax bureau is responsible for 38 of the country's 180 top enterprises, which account for over 70% of all income tax revenues in Beijing. Historically, tax payers have been largely governed by different local tax authorities and the central Xicheng district had no access to information about the operations and financial accounting of companies and their employees outside its local jurisdiction.

Additionally, Xicheng district tax inspectors had to manually adjust the information on the taxes they collected, which affected the accuracy and reliability of payment and economic statistics and created a large amount of work for both the tax authorities and enterprises.

The new NetWeaver-based system is designed to overcome these problems and, in the words of Hu Yongjin, vice general director of the Xicheng tax bureau, help build a “harmonious socialist society”.

More in the SAP press release.

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