train.jpgEvery advertiser likes a captive audience. What better way to grab their attention than on one of China's epic train journeys?

More than 120 train routes in China have been fitted with the Railway Motion Media system, developed by Chinese company Epinmedia.
It combines wireless, visual and audio technologies in a bid to keep
bored railway travellers amused. Passengers can enjoy TV content, check
out web information or play online games, among other activities.

It is the advertising potential of this technology that most attracted the attention of EngagingChina
— and not just us. Beijing's tourism administration plans to use the
system to promote Beijing's delights. More than 130m tourists visit
Beijing each year and many do so by train. In the all-important holiday
periods, such as the recent May Day, more than 40% of travel is done by

The Bejing tourist board's promotional programme will be aired
repeatedly on three major tourist trains just before their scheduled
arrival in Beijing. It is expected that approximately 7,000 passengers
will see the service every day.

Of course, on-train video screens are hardly new. But its the size
of the potential audience which makes this a much more attractive
medium in China where, unlike in the west, riding long-distance trains
is still a mass-market rather than marginal activity.

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