Bank_of_Communications_logo.jpgAnother day, another Chinese bank IPO. Shares in Bank of Communications
surged 71% in its first day of trading in Shanghai, in spite of the
growing number of Cassandras warning domestic investors of a stock
market bubble.

The surge
in BoCom's share price shows Chinese investors still see IPOs as a
one-way bet and the bank, the fifth largest in China, attracted a
record amount of subscriptions for a mainland IPO public offering.

The price rise gives HSBC a paper profit of $11.8bn on its initial
2004 investment in BoCom, although the UK-based bank is unlikely to
sell its strategic stake in BoCom. Indeed, Jiang Chaoliang, chairman of
BoCom, said he expected the UK-based bank to bring its investment back
up to 19.9%, the maximum allowed by a single foreign bank, after seeing
it drop to 18.6% as a result of the IPO.

More on HSBC's relationship with BoCom in this EngagingChina story.

Bocom has been listed in HK since June 2005, when it became first
China-based commercial bank of its kind to get listed outside of the
Chinese mainland.

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