piechart.jpgGetting detailed data on China in the west is notoriously difficult particularly when its comes to demographic data. US company SRC believes it has the solution by offering online access to China's 2000 census data.

A dedicated website, imaginatively named www.DemographicsNowChina.com, allows subscribers to create radius reports, maps and market studies tailored specifically for their business needs.

The data covered includes population, housing, age and sex, housing
characteristics, household types, employment, education and
ethnicity/race. You can also display boundaries, city locations, rivers
and lakes, and major highways on the maps.

A subscription to the site costs $159 a month or $1,295 a year. A
free demonstration of what's available can be had for Jiangxi province
by clicking on “free trial” on the home page of www.DemographicsNowChina.com.

Sounds a veritable goldmine for western marketeers who love to slice and dice data.

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