Geong, the Beijing-based software house, has signed an important contract for its enterprise content management software with Lenovo, the world's third largest PC manufacturer.

The deal, worth from $1.8m to $2.6m according to London-listed
Geong, is an extension of an existing relationship and is designed to
help China's largest PC maker improve the efficiency of its worldwide
dealer network.

Lenovo already uses Geong's PortalAge ECM software to power its
ThinkWorld Users Club. ThinkWorld is Lenovo's attempt to create a chain
of exclusive brand stores and so reduce its dependence on resellers.

Its an interesting idea and may help Lenovo stand out in a highly
competitive PC market. ThinkWorld has had a lot of success in India,
where the Chinese company now gets 60% of its sales from branded stores
rather than traditional resellers. More in this Hindu Business Line story.

More on Geong in this EngagingChina story.

Watch out for an exclusive EngagingChina interview with Lenovo's CEO Bill Amelio later this week.

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