tongfang.gifChina's Tongfang Computer System Group
has unveiled what it claims is world's most secure notebook computer,
designed specifically for high-end business users and developed with

The Fengrui X300 notebook was unveiled
at Intel's Developer Forum in Beijing this week. That the western chip
giant is prepared to publicly endorse a little-known Chinese computer
manufacturer tells us a lot, both about the rapid evolution of China's
computer industry and the desire of Intel to snuggle up close to the

The Fengrui X300 combines fingerprint recognition software and
sophisticated encryption hardware which means that Confidential data
stored on the notebook cannot be accessed even if the notebook itself
or its hard disks are stolen.

Whatever the merits of this particular product, I suspect we will be
hearing a lot more of this type of announcement from Chinese computer
manufacturers as they seek to grow out of the cut-throat low-end PC
business and demonstrate that they can be as innovative as bigger
western and Asian competitors. A similar trend is happening in the
mobile phone business.

Nevertheless, I suspect it will be a long time before Dell, Sony or
HP start to get worried about upstart competitors in China and even
longer before they get taken seriously by corporate PC buyers in the

More on Intel's China strategy here.