shanghaiairlinescrew.jpgShanghai Airlines, one of China's major carriers, plans to use learning management software from HK-based NetDimensions to manage training and development programmes for its staff.

While the use of LMS is quite widespread in multinationals and large
organisations in the west, it is a relatively new concept for mainland
Chinese companies, whose techniques for employee retention and
development have historically lagged those in the west.

So, it is interesting that one of the first PRC customers for
NetDimensions' software, Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP), is a
domestic airline. I'm not that familiar with Shanghai Airlines
but  China's domestic carriers have a generally poor reputation
for customer service, so presumably any improvement on the training
front will be welcomed by its passengers.

Neusoft, China's largest listed IT services company, will help the
airline roll out the software to an initial 1,000 users with more
airline employees expected to be brought onto the system over time.

NetDimensions claims that it has 350 companies, government agencies
and other organisations using EKP, including fellow HK-based companies
Cathay Pacific and HSBC.

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