geong.jpgGeong International, the small London-listed software house, has signed contracts worth almost $500,000 with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp and Shanghai General Motors, SAIC's JV with the US car giant.

The two contracts are for its enterprise content management
software, PortalAge, which is finding increasingly popularity with big
Chinese businesses, particularly banks and automotive firms.

Big businesses use ECM software to manage the huge amount of
information held on their websites and intranets, and make it easily
accessible to users via portals. SAIC plans to use the software to
create a dealer management system.

As we have said before,
its is intriguing that Beijing-based Geong is apparently doing so well
in China with its PortalAge product. In the west, at least, ECM is a
maturing market — at least at the high-end where PortalAge is targeted
— and several stand-alone vendors of ECM software have been acquired
in recent years.

Nevertheless, there still appears to be a lot of new business to go
for in China and Geong has found a nice niche opportunity here that so
far eludes bigger software vendors in the west. If there are any Geong
users reading this, I'd be interested to know exactly Geong offers that
they cannot get from larger, better-known vendors.

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