China ambitions have sit another setback as the Chinese company that
owns the domain name is refusing to sell it to the US internet

While Google has yet to promote its popular Gmail web mail service
in China, it presumably has ambitions to do so, hence the need to own
the local domain name — it already owns, for example.

However, currently belongs
to ISM Technologies, which claims to be the largest wholesale Internet
domain registrar accredited with Chinese government-backed Internet
body CNNI, according to Reuters.

Unsurprisingly, ISM Technologies does not want to sell — or at least not until Google makes it an offer it can't refuse.

Google's laxity in registering local variations of its web
properties is surprising and is the sort of blunder that was common a
few years back, but it was usually confined to bricks-and-mortar
brand-name owners who were still feeling their way on the internet.

The moral of the story is Western companies that are planning to
launch a branded product or service in China — or simply want to keep
the option open later date — should check to make sure that the .cn
version of the brand or service has not already been snapped up.

More on .cn domain names in this earlier EngagingChina story.

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