pig.jpgHappy New Year to our readers in China and let's hope that this year will be a prosperous one for you.

The Year of the Pig marks not just the start of a new year in China, but the first anniversary of EngagingChina.

When we launched EngagingChina we set out to be the internet's most
authorative source on the China strategies of western businesses and
the double-digit growth in traffic each month confirms that it is
definitely fulfilling a demand.

While there are many China-related sites out there, our focus at
EngagingChina is strategy, pure and simple. So, if you want to know
where the real opportunities lie in China's new economy, or if you need
to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, then EngagingChina
is for you.

Come back regularly!

Geoff Nairn
Managing Editor