a Shengzhen-based electronics manufacturer, attracted some puzzled
visitors to its stand at this week's 3GSM show. For, the company
specialises in dual GSM phones. What's a dual-GSM phone?

A company representative filled EngagingChina in on
a growing but largely unrecognised trend in the mobile phone market.
Namely, consumers having two or more mobile phone numbers, which means
carrying at least two handsets around in their pockets.

Obviously, there has to be a better solution and Yulong claims to
have found it in its CoolPAD dual GSM phone — see photo. As its name
suggests, it is essentially two GSM phones in one case with no apparent
size or weight penalty. The only way you know it is two phones is when
you take the back of to expose the SIM card holder — there are two of
them, one for each phone number.

Why do people have two or more phone numbers? Lots of reasons,
apparently. Frequent travellers may have different SIM cards for the
countries they visit regularly to save paying roaming rates. Others
like to have a “home” and “office” mobile number , or perhaps one just
for close friends or lovers. The possibilities are endless, apparently

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