India's traditional supremacy in the IT offshoring stakes is being
challenged by China which plans to quadruple its outsourcing exports by
2010, according to this InformationWeek story.

software outsourcing China skillnet.gifAs EngagingChina has noted before,
China is starting from a low base but growing fast. In 2007, China's
software outsourcing services are predicted to reach €1.7bn according
to German consultancy Skillnet— see chart.

Nevertheless, China still has a lot to do to convince western
customers and software houses that its competencies and skills are
comparable with those of India.

In its latest initiative to address these issues, China hopes to
convince 100 multinationals to outsource to the country and encourage
the development of 1,000 large and mid-size indigenous outsourcers.

Unlike India, China's outsourcing industry remains highly fragmented
and none of its indigenous outsourcers are household names in the west.

Most outsourcing experts say China's technical skills are — or soon
will be — comparable with those of India. But there are a lot more
factors that come to play in choosing an outsourcing partner and the
lowest-priced bid does not always win.

TifoSoft, a Chengdu-based outsourcer, recently announced it would set up operations in Singapore,
presumably in a bid to address the unease that some western customers
may have about dealing with a Chinese company. Singapore is home to
many multinationals and so western fims will presumably have less
qualms using an outsourcing partner based on the island nation, even
though the bulk of the work will be done at TifoSoft's facility in
Chengdu, where labour costs are only a fifth of those in Singapore.

Also the IT outsourcing theme, ChinaTechNews has an interesting interview with Eric Rongley, CEO of Bleum,
one of the first firms to spot the potential of China for offshore
software development. To counter the communication problems that can
occur with western clients, Bleum has an “English only” policy and
provides English classes for its staff . Bleum is one of only a handful
of companies in China to boast CMM Level 5 certification — the highest
quality certification.

The company was recently awarded Gold Partner certification by Microsoft in recognition of its expertise in Microsoft technologies.