andor.gifAndor Technology, a small British company that makes scientific equipment, has opened an office in Beijing to cater for the growing amount of R&D now being done in China.

Andor specialises in scientific cameras, microscopes, spectrographs and other imaging kit typically found in research labs.

The Aim-listed company has been selling to China for around eight
years, during which time revenues from the PRC have “increased
dramatically”, according to Bryan Keating, executive chairman of Andor

In its latest financial results, Andor reported sales up 22% to a record £22m and operating profit up 85% to £1.45m.

Andor's existing customers in Beijing include Tsinghua University,
Beijing University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute
of Technology and the National Astronomy Observatory of China.

The company was created in 1989 as a spin-off from Queen's
University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a part of the UK that is not
known for its hi-tech industry — or its export successes to China.

Invest Northern Ireland, a trade promotion body, hopes to change
that and it established an office in Shanghai last year to help put NI
on the map for Chinese businesses.

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