Automobile's plans to gain a foothold in Europe's car market have hit a
setback. The Chinese carmaker bought the assets of failed carmaker MG
Rover last year, but now its right to use the MG brand is being challenged by administrators of the UK car firm's Dutch subsidiary, reports the Financial Times.

The administrators claim the Dutch firm owns the rights to the legendary MG marque across much of continental Europe.

Nanjing plans to use the MG Rover's legendary but mothballed
Longbridge plant to restart production of a sports car bearing the MG
marque. Its production plan, at 15,000 cars a year, is a fraction of
what Longbridge turned out in its heyday.

Nevertheless, Nanjing hopes that by reactivating the once-proud MG
marque it can build a presence in Europe much faster and at lower cost
than if it had to establish European operations from scratch with an
unknown brand.

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