, the internet's leading social networking site, is inching closer to its goal of setting up a Chinese operation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.,
which owns, is talking with the Chinese venture arm of US
trade publisher IDG about establishing a Chinese version of, which gets 80m visitors a month in the west.

Back in September, Murdoch said that his Chinese-born wife, Wendi
Deng had been sounding out Chinese officials about launching MySpace in

The WSJ story does not add much new information beyond the possible
involvement of IDG Technology Venture Investment, the VC arm of IDG
that has invested in some of China's top start-ups, such as

Unlike in the west, where Google sets the pace, Baidu is the site
that MySpace fears most in China. Baidu is China's most visited website
and recently launched something called Baidu Space — which presumably
explains why Murdoch is so keen to get the ball rolling on MySpace

But we are left none the wiser as as to how Murdoch hopes to
regulate or police the user-generated content on a putative Chinese
version of MySpace without being accused of the dreaded “C” word —

Even in the west, the “anything goes” spirit of has
created much controversy, so its difficult to see Chinese authorities
welcoming the site with open arms. See this EngagingChina story for the background.

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