One of the best opportunities in China seems to be telling others where to find them. James McGregor, former hack now turned corporate exec, has acquired Pacific Epoch, a Shanghai-based independent research firm which specialises in China's hi-tech industries.

One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China (Wall Street Journal Book)Best known for his widely-read book One Billion Customers, McGregor has set up a consultancy, JL McGregor & Company, which has an expanding range of interests, including advisory services, corporate finance, asset management and now hi-tech research.

Pacific Epoch, founded in 2003, produces a daily newsletter on deals and developments in China's hi-tech sector. While somewhat short on analysis, its strength is breadth, covering stories that fall below the radar screen of mainstream media, particularly those involving China's second-tier players.

McGregor, former head of the Wall Street Journal's Bejing bureau, says he will expand Pacific Epoch's coverage into other areas of strong interest for investors.

Coincidentally, this is exactly the approach we have adopted here at EngagingChina. While our core expertise lies in hi-tech industries like semiconductors, IT and telecoms, we also cover the emerging opportunities for western businesses in the consumer sector, environmental technologies, financial services and green energy.

Unlike Pacific Epoch, where a subscription costs from $2,500 to$7,500 a year, reading EngagingChina is free.

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