last, some good news from China's mobile phone sector. London-listed
EBT Mobile China says its sales rose 46% over the recent Chinese
National Day holiday compared with the same period last year.

sales increased 5%, which isn't bad for a retailing business. And lets
not forget selling a mobile phone is pretty much like any other retail
business, no matter how many buttons it has on the keyboard or how many
ringtones it can play.

Which is why we like down-to-earth style in EBT's announcement,
which talks about improving planning, training and inventory management
rather than boasting about its products, deals or strategy. Its a pity,
though, that EBT did not give some concrete numbers for its sales
figures rather than percentages.

In September, another 14 stores were opened, taking the total to 158.

is just one of several small companies listed in the west that are
hoping to ride China's mobile phone boom. Unlike companies such as
MonsterMob or IGM — both quoted on London's AIM market — EBT expects
its business will not be affected by China's recent clampdown on
wireless value-added services — see this story.

EngagingChina previously profiled EBT Mobile China here.

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