moto_cr.jpgMotorola is challenging Nokia for the top spot in China's mobile phone market. The US company told Reuters it wants one in every four phones sold in China to be a Motorola model in the “not too distant future”.

this type of bullish prediction often comes back to haunt, but as
Motorola already has a 21% share, the target of 25% seems achievable if
Motorola continues to keep hitting the right buttons in marketing and
product development.

Arch-rival Nokia currently has a slight lead in the Chinese market but the two companies are neck-and-neck.

Both companies have launched aggressive campaigns to build strong national distribution networks in China.

for example has increased the number of retail outlets from 40,000 to
48,000 in the the past six months. It has opened its first Asian
flagship store in HK and plans another one for the mainland in the next
year. Motorola pipped it to the post, however. Its first mainland
flagship store opened this summer in Shanghai.

What about the
home-grown manufacturers we used to read so much about? The likes of
TCL and Ningo Bird made big gains in the beginning of the decade but in
the past couple of years they have lost market share to the two western
giants, who between them now control half the market.

Nevertheless, mobile phone buyers are notoriously fickle and I would not count the homegrowns out just yet. 

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